Smartphone Photography

Our days continue to be filled with fellowship and celebration; the Chinese New Year has come and it seems the whole nation is eager to start anew together. My traveling companions and I have been welcomed warmly everywhere we've gone. Today, we rode the Cai family motorcycles and scooters into a remote village. The families there were so surprised and happy to see us--they've never had foreigners in their village before. We were treated to firecrackers, drumming, and the lion dance. I've included a few of my favorite smartphone photos from the last couple of days below.

It has become apparent to me that my more detailed blog postings will have to be written stateside. Our dancecard, so to speak, is always full in China. I have chosen to experience this place while here and write about it when I have the luxury of time and some distance. 

Until then, check back for more pictures until I return home.