Mariah's Challenge in China

Many of you know that I am a loud and proud supporter and founding member of Mariah's Challenge, a Montana-based organization dedicated to helping eliminate underage drinking and drinking and driving from the planet. You might snicker at the thought, and we know that our goal is an impossible one, but recall that Leo McCarthy was recognized as a top-10 CNN Hero in 2012. He stood along side amazing human beings from all over the world when he and the organization were honored that year. Well, this picture is dedicated to our dear departed Mariah McCarthy, to my daughter Kaitlyn Okrusch, and to Valerie Kilmer. It is dedicated to Leo and Janice, Margi Henderson, and Peggy and Jimm Kilmer. It is dedicated to Mariah's Challenge executive director, Jon Wick, and to the Board of Directors. It is dedicated to all those who have taken the challenge to do the right thing when tough choices confront you. These young folks in Huaiji City are shuffle dancers in the town square. I danced with them in my Mariah's Challenge shirt and they laughed as young people dancing do. I hope they all grow old and live long and healthy lives.